How To Customize Quin With Pre-Fab Doll Eyes

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The eyes are the window to the soul, so they say. That's why we engineered Quin, The 3D-Printable Doll, so you have all kinds of options for customizing her eyes.

You can 3D print the ones that come with Quin. The printable .STLs have irises that are separate from the white areas to make them more realistic-looking.

Or, you can insert pre-fabricated doll eyes and give her a huge pop of personality. 

Which Pre-Fab Eyes Are Best For Quin?

We've tried a lot of different eyes, and we've found that these 12mm, round, acrylic eyes with stems work really well.
12mm Doll Eyes - Good For Quin, The 3D-Printable Doll
They're from Ebay seller sfcdirect. We've used these (in brown) in our "Comrade Khaki" and "Command Green" Quin Doll. We love the way these look.
Quin, The 3D-Printable Doll

You Might Need To Whittle A Little

The eyes below are from Ebay Seller blueblooddoll. They're the ones we used in the video above.
We loved the way these looked and couldn't wait to insert them into our "QuinSaga Aqua" and "QuinSaga Teal" Quin Doll. We found that they were actually larger than 12mm. We couldn't resist the sparkle, so we persisted to whittle them down, using a hobby knife. We recommend that you use calipers to measure the eyes before inserting them, to avoid cracking your print. If you find that the doll eyes are too big, and you're resolved to modify them, you can also use a Dremel tool to reduce the size.

Double Check The Shipping Time 

Ebay seller, blueblooddoll, ships from California, and many, like sfcdirect, ship from China. It can take quite a while to get them in the mail, depending on where you are in the world. Anticipation is half the fun, right? Just build in some extra time if you're planning to give a Quin with doll eyes as a gift on a special occasion.

Share Your Quin With Doll Eyes On Social Media!

We can't wait to see your customized Quins. Use #3DKitbash @3DKitbash #QuinDoll and #QuinSaga so we can find you and share your pics!

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