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3DKToys + MeltInk3D = Great-Looking Prints

When you're 3D printing, you want filament you can trust to take you through a multi-hour print. The wrong filament can create chaos and frustration. It can even put your printer's nozzle at risk. We chose to partner with MeltInk3D because we tested their filament printing the prototypes of our models. We liked the results - you can pics of our printed toys and test kits on the site.

3DKToys worked with MetlInk3D to create 5 signature colors that look good together for better-looking prints. Try QuinSaga Aqua with QuinSaga Teal and Comrade Khaki with Command Green. Builder Bley is great for prototypes, and it looks good with Comrade Khaki and Command Green, too. We also like orange for bright models that catch light and shadow for pics that attract attention.

We offer a host of original MeltInk3D colors as well in both 1.75mm and 2.85mm diameters in PLA, ABS, and our most environmentally-friendly blend, PLA/PHA.