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SKULL WARS 3D-Printable Master Set

SKULL WARS 3D-Printable Master Set


This massive collection is packed with 15 galactic craniums inspired by the creatures of Star Wars. It's the mother of all 3D printing skull sets! 

Have fun 3D printing all 15 support-free SKULL WARS Skulls for the holidays! Give one to each of your kids and your friends. They'll get a galactic kick out of these clever sci-fi craniums. Be prepared to spend hours delivering nerdy SW quotes, thanks to their their articulated jaw bones!

Skulls included in the Master Set: 'Green Master,' 'Sand Person,' 'Second Shooter,' 'Sleeping Bag,' 'Space Yeti,' 'Lizard Hunter,' 'Pig Man,' 'Majordomo,' 'Monkey Lizard,' 'Pit Beast,' 'Space Bear,' 'Trap Spotter,' 'Speed Racer,' 'Creepy Cloner,' 'Accident Prone?'

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