Skull Charm - The Creature
Skull Charm - The Creature

Skull Charm - The Creature

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This 3D-printable pendant features a mini-version of 3DK's Boneheads S2 Skull: 'The Creature'. This skull is an original 3DKToys sculpt and features the maximum amount of authentic details that we could stuff into it's diminutive size. ...It also happens to be inspired by a certain Hollywood monster. Can you guess which one?

This little pendant has a loop for connecting to a chain, safety pin, or key ring. It's support-free design makes it fun-to-print. It takes about an hour, and it has an articulated jaw bone.

Checkout our full-sized (4x4x4in) Boneheads S2 Skull offerings to see the fully detailed version of the 'The Creature' skull.

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