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3DKitbash develops premium 3D-printable 3D models of toys and 3D printer test kits designed to print easily on desktop 3D printers, free of support structures or glue. Purchase our digital 3D models online at 3DKitbash.com and 3DKToys.com.

Made-To-Order Models: We also have a select inventory of 3DK designs that are made-to-order by Shapeways. Select your favorite material and color and have the model printed professionally and delivered to you, friends, or loved ones.

CO-FOUNDERS: Natalie Mathis & Quincy Robinson

Natalie Mathis specializes in business strategy and development for art and design-related ventures.


Quincy Robinson has been inventing, tweaking, refining, buffing, and digitally sculpting for the toy industry for more than a 15 years. Fighting the good fight, and keeping it plastic!



PRESS CONTACT: Natalie Mathis, contact@3DKitbash.com

CO-FOUNDERS: Natalie Mathis & Quincy Robinson

FOUNDED: June 28, 2012

LOCATIONS: West Palm Beach, FL (HQ); Cincinnati, OH & Northern KY - United States


3DKitbash & 3DK Toys are loved by these 3D printing audience segments all over the world:

Hobbyists of all ages who 3D print for their own reward and often share pictures and videos of their prints online with the global 3D printing community.

Parents who have a 3D printer and kids in the home. These parents need stimulating 3D printing projects that print easily and expose their kids to the technology of the future. 

Educators with access to a desktop 3D printer. They want to introduce students to 3D printing, and need educational 3D printing projects that print within a class period.

Toy companies, desktop 3D printer companies, and 3D-printable model marketplaces, with which 3DK partners to create premium 3D-printable models that ensure an enjoyable 3D printing experience for their customers. 


Supporters share pictures of their 3DK projects on social media. Makers download free 3DKitbash models that we release on 3D printing community sites.

3DKitbash also has a presence on 3D-printable model marketplaces and free sites, including MakerBot’s Thingiverse and Digital StoreCults3D, and MiMiniFactory.com.

Backers make our future projects possible by pledging support to our Kickstarters.

3DKitbash Kickstarter backers help develop several new products each year, and we're extremely grateful. Backers receive products before anyone else, and they're an integral component for building the very best 3D printing content available online. 

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