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Parody Skulls S1 - Master Set

Parody Skulls S1 - Master Set


Have fun 3D printing all 15 skulls in our PARODY SKULL S1 Collection! 

These support-free 3D models have articulated jaw bones and print in parts that connect with 3DKitbash's patented pin system. There is also a port on the back of each skull so you can mount it for display or attach it to something else. The .STL file format allows you to scale the model up or down in size.

Here are the 3D printer settings we use on our MakerBot Rep 2X. 3D printers vary, so you may want to tweak these settings for best results.

  • Infill: 7-10%
  • Layer Height: .2mm
  • Number of Shells: 2
  • Extruder Temp: 215 C

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