Quin, The 3D-Printable Doll

Quin, The 3D-Printable Doll

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Explore 3D printing with Quin, the 3D-printable doll Base Body. You can customize her by adding our UpKits, including Elbows & Knees, Facial Expressions, and 'To Infinity' Space Accessories (UpKits are not included with this model). 

Quin is articulated and pose-able. She 3D prints in parts that snap together. She is a support-free model, so you have more fun 3D printing with her.

Post pics of your Quin doll using tags: #QuinDoll #3DKitbash ...We'll repost on Instagram (@3DKitbash) if we can.

"Impressive model, congratulations!" -Paulo Blank

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