Lil' Dino Pals: Styracosaurus
Lil' Dino Pals: Styracosaurus
Lil' Dino Pals: Styracosaurus

Lil' Dino Pals: Styracosaurus

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Styracosaurus measures 4.75" in length, is articulated & pose-able, and 3D prints support-free. "Sty" is part of our collection of Lil' Dino Pals. 

Eyes: All the Lil' Dino Pals' eye sockets are designed so you can insert pre-fabricated 10mm doll eyes (i.e. Amazon). 3D-printable eyes come with the STL, too. As Quincy shows in the Ankylosaurus video (5:09), you'll likely need to use some adhesive to keep those in place.

Design Collaboration: Lil' Dino Pals are designed by our friend, Shawn Warren of Paleo Trailer LLC, using 3DK's patented technology for easy 3D printing and assembly. We're big fans of the collaboration, and we hope your Boon, The Tiny T-Rex, will be happy to have a new friend!

NEW: Pre-Printed Lil' Dino Pals are available! Visit Paleo Trailer LLC. (HERE)

Supporting this model will support both Paleo Trailer LLC and 3DKitbash. Thank you so much for the kind words and for participating with us. We'll have more Paleo Trailer dinos ASAP!

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