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BONEHEADS Master Set - S1

BONEHEADS Master Set - S1

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3D print all 18 BONEHEADS Series 1 skulls. This Master Set also includes .STLs for a display base.

Series 1 Skulls: Bull, Human (with jaw bone), Vulture, Duck, T-Rex, Warthog, Ankylosaurus, Dragon, Rabbit, Cat, Owl, Ram (with jaw bone), Alligator, Demon (with jaw bone), Deer with Antlers, Giraffe, Sabertooth Tiger, Wolf (with jaw bone)

NOTE: 4 of the Series 1 skulls include bonus jaw bones; 14 skulls do not include jaw bones. Series 2 BONEHEADS skulls ALL include jaw bones. Many of the skulls in Series 1 were redesigned and rereleased in Series 2 with jaw bones.

BONEHEADS skulls 3D print support-free in parts and snap together easily using 3DKitbash’s 3D-printable pin system. No need for support structure or glue!

These models make for creeptacular Halloween-themed 3D-printing projects and costume props!

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