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RukiBot - Now FREE!

RukiBot - Now FREE!



RukiBot is a compact, 3D-printable toy robot who comes with 20 tools and weapons for battling 3D printed evil! His name is inspired by the utilitarian "ruck sack." RukiBot doubles as a backpack for 3DKitbash's Quin Doll! RukiBot prints support-free, and he's articulated at the neck, shoulder, and waist, making him pose-able.

We're making RukiBot FREE to celebrate being granted a patent (US Patent: 9,944,022) on the 3DKitbash Pin System (used in all of RukiBot's connection points) and to thank the 3D printing community for helping keep an eye out for our IP in the wild-west of the interwebs. You all are amazing! Thank you so much! ~ Natalie of 3DK

Click HERE to learn more about our patent ... We have some images of the patent artwork and links to the actual document!


RukiBot Backstory: RukiBots were created by Quin after receiving word that she was being pursued by a band of giant Monsters from her home planet of Filamento. With these robots, she hopes to swarm the massive enemies and halt their evil ambitions!

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