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Get Better Prints With The Right Printer Settings

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Even the World's Best 3D-Printable Toys can give you troubles if your 3D printer doesn't seem to want to play along. To help you achieve your best 3D printer settings, we'd like to share these two blog posts, written by our friends at Pinshape. We hope they save you some time and filament, and that you get better results.

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Here at 3DKToys, to print our prototypes, we use a MakerBot Replicator 2 with standard settings and MeltInk3D PLA filament.

These are the standard settings, which we use, for our 3D printer.  

Infill: 10% 

Layer Height: .2mm

Number of Shells: 2

Extruder Temp: 215 degrees C

It's important to note that 3D printers vary greatly, which is why we wanted to share Pinshape's blog posts for finding your printer's best settings. Post a review with the 3DKToys product you've printed to let others know what kind of a printer and filament you're using, along with your settings and print time. 

We don't do any post-print finishing (i.e. sanding or painting) on our prototypes.

Sometimes we do insert felt into joints to tighten them if we have a model that is going to be played with a lot, for instance at a Maker Faire, or if we scale a model up and the joints are to loose to pose the model.

We wish you happy printing. We hope this helps you get better prints!


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