3D Printing Triceratops With Doll Eyes On A Tiny Toybox 3D Printer!

3D Printer 3D Printing Toybox 3D Printer

Hi Toymakers, Today we're printing 3DKitbash's Lil' Dino Pal, Triceratops, on a tiny Toybox 3D Printer, and giving it doll eyes! You can find awesome 3D-printable toys from 3DKitbash, the Toybox 3D Printer from Toybox Labs, and printed Lil' Dino Pals from PaleoTrailerLLC.

3DKitbash: https://3dkitbash.com/

ToyBox 3D Printer: https://shop.make.toys/

PaleoTrailerLLC: https://www.paleotrailer.com/

Lil' Dino Pals are a collaboration between their character designer, PaleoTrailerLLC, and 3DKitbash. Let us know if you print a Lil' Dino Pal. Share your 3DK model pics on Instagram with #3DKitbash and we'll share. Thanks for watching!


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