Boon's 5th Birthday

Boon The Tiny T-Rex

Pic by @hairlikefrodo, 1st Birthday Contest, 2016

Pic by @hairlikefrodo, 1st Birthday Contest Winner, 2016

You're Invited to Boon's 5th Birthday on Instagram! 

Boon, the Tiny T-Rex, is turning 5 years old on July 1, 2020. 

On July 1, post pictures showing how your Boon is spending the day. Three people who post and use #3DKitbash will win a 3D-printable Styracosaurus. Styracosaurus is the next-to-be-released model in our Lil' Dino Pals pack. 

Styracosaurus, Lil' Dino Pals, 3D Printer Toy, 3DKitbash Styracosaurus 3D printer Toy, 3DKitbash Lil' Dino Pals: Styracosaurus, 3D Printer Toys, 3DKitbash

Use #3DKitbash and we'll repost your pictures to 3DKitbash's Instagram feed, where we share pics of the community's 3DKitbash projects on the regular.

The Details   

We'll reach out to the three winners on Instagram Messenger. We'll send you a code so you can download your 3D-printable Styracosaurus Lil' Dino Pal just before it's released on

We'll announce the winners in an Instragram post on July 2nd, 2020.

Boon's 5th Birthday Wish: Invest In The Future Of Black Engineers

We stand as allies with Black people at this important moment in history with a shared determination to eradicate systemic racism. We would like to do something, however modest, to show our support at this time.

We decided that, as members of the 3D printing community, it's meaningful for us to focus on encouraging young Black people to enter STEM education and careers, where they're currently dramatically under-represented. STEM careers continue to increase in demand. They can be a lucrative foundation for financial security for the next generation of young Black people who enter the fields. Additionally, as we write code, build new technology, and innovate, we need more Black minds and voices involved in shaping our collective future.

The National Society of Black Engineers is working toward the goal of seeing 10,000 Black engineers graduate each year by 2025. Visit their website ( to see all of the programming that they offer throughout the country. 

We pledge to donate all the proceeds from the sale of Boon models for the month of June to the National Society of Black Engineers. If you already have a Boon, please consider making a donation in his name. In an ongoing way, please consider how you, your colleagues, and your family can include and encourage young Black people in STEM education and activities. 

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