Fight COVID-19 With Makers Worldwide

Like makers all over the world, Shawn Warren, "Lil' Dino Pals" character designer, is re-purposing his CO2 laser cutter and seven Lulzbot 3D printers to help healthcare workers on the front lines. He's been making ear-relieving face mask buckles and face shields. Here we share what he's doing, and let you know how you can get involved (if you're not already).

Shawn Warren of Paleotrailer

Photo: Shawn Warren of PaleoTrailer, wearing an early version of the face shield that he made around March 26, 2020 (more on this below)

How To Get Involved

Even if you only have one 3D printer at home, you can help, too. Go to the MatterHackers COVID-19 Maker Response Hub. Fill out the Maker Registration Form, and the hub will connect you with healthcare organizations in need.

Go to the National Institute of Health's 3D Print Exchange for approved models.

You can find additional information on's COVID-19 and Coronavirus Resources page, which is updated daily.

These are just three of the many sources where makers can go to get info. Join the maker community and make a big difference!

Here's What Shawn Is Making

For the COVID-19 effort, Shawn is repurposing equipment he uses to run PaleoTrailer, where he sells 3D-printed toys and gifts. He's going through about 1.5 kilograms of filament per day, and he's donating all of his time and materials.

Creality Face Mask Buckles

Healthcare workers are wearing masks all day, and the elastic is ulcerating the backs of their ears. The buckles make wearing face masks more comfortable.

The pics above are of Shawn's wife, Dr. Reed. She distributed the buckles to staff at Pueblo Community Health Center. In an update on Instagram, Shawn posted, "Update from ICU Med Staff: "I am done giving those mask holders out it is a smash. Apparently everyones ears are sore. I have 20 people wanting some. Everyone that I give want to give their thanks."

Shawn said, "[I'm] ramping up printing on all my printers. I hope to put out 100+ [buckles] per day." He's sending them to healthcare providers in Colorado, Wisconsin, California, Nevada, and New Hampshire.

Read more: "Creality's 3D-printed buckle makes wearing face masks more comfortable," by India Block, dezeen, 29 March, 2020.

Face Shields

In late March, Shawn was able to make 50 shields before running through his supply of plastic sheets. He's looking for sources, and in the meantime, plans to keep printing as many of the Creality face mask buckles as he can.

Things have changed quickly, even in the week and a half since he printed this version of the Prusa face shield. At the time there were no NIH-approved designs.

In the last few days, the NIH approved several. He says, "I've been printing RC2 and now RC3 Prusa because there were zero approved designs [at that time]." Moving forward, if he can get materials, he says that he plans to make the NIH-approved shields.

NIH 3D Print Exchange:

Thank You Makers!

Thank you to Shawn Warren and all the hobbyists and businesses that are churning out devices to help our healthcare workers on the front lines who are fighting to save lives. We're grateful to be part of this community. 


Shawn Warren runs PaleoTrailer, where he sells 3D printed figures, including licensed 3DKitbash models. We're also proud to partner with him to offer 3D-printable Lil' Dino Pals. He's a pretty great dude.

Written by: Natalie Mathis, 3DKitbash Co-founder

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